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Опубликовано: 02.05.2017

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Smart Mailbox - Sensor install for notification of mail delivery.

While this mailbox alert system can be used for a wide range of alert-related options, it can be used as a mailbox alert. By installing the motion sensor near the mailbox, you can detect when a mail carrier or delivery person approaches your mailbox by the indoor receiver.

The sensor included with this mail alert system works using passive infrared technology. This means it detects heated movement and ignores everything else. While there is still a chance of false alarms occurring from birds, animals and individuals who are simply walking by your mailbox, the sensor can detect when a mail carrier approaches on foot or in a vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that the alarm may go off each time the neighbor walks his or her dog by your home.

This sensor is weather resistant, so it can be placed outdoors where your mailbox is. The receiver, which can be placed up to 300 feet away from the sensor, must be used indoors. The receiver unit requires a DC power adapter or three C batteries, and the sensor uses three AAA batteries, which are not included with your purchase.

This receiver does have three different mail alarm sounds: a soft doorbell tone, a loud doorbell tone and a 90-decibel siren alert. Each time motion is detected, an alarm will go off for about five seconds.

In addition to being used as a mailbox alert system, this motion sensor and receiver combination can also be used as a security device. When placed in certain areas, it can alert you to motion in your garage, driveway, alleyway, warehouse or at your front door. If you would like to use the system for more than one purpose, up to five sensors can be used with one receiver.

While this mail notification system does make effective use of infrared technology to detect heated motion and determine when your mail has been delivered, it can also cause false alarms, as it cannot tell the difference between a passerby and a mail carrier. It is weather resistant, though, and offers three audible alerts you can chose from. It can also be used as an alarm system for the rest of your home.

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